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  May 31, 2018  
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There are at least 3 Amanda Bradleys. First this one who's poems go back before 1989, when one of her beautiful poems was discovered on the office wall of a lady that was being helped.

A second, Amanda J. Bradley an Assistant Professor of English & Creative Writing at a college of about 1,700 students who said, "I grew up receiving plaques and cards with her poems on them" and then went on to say, "their meanings are lovely."

A third Amanda Bradley is an artist, who has some artwork that is available on greeting cards.

It is intent and desire here is to give more than just a poem from someone, but rather to include something about the author, and a source, where more of that author's works can be found.

More research and searching will continue for the first Amanda Bradley, and will be added to this entry once it has been found.

There is a graphic showing a group of baboons, which said that a "Group of Baboons is called a Congress." As part of an entry on this webpage more names of groups of animals would be included, at which time it was discovered that a group of baboons is a instead called a "troop."  Here is a Politifact article on the email that was circulating using the incorrect animal group name.

List of English terms of venery, by animal - Wikipedia

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